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One of the leading toy suppliers in China

We believe our Profession, Passion, Hard Work, Service are the greatest treasures to our clients

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  • chronicle

  • Establishment of Toyslord


    Providing toy service to local factories in Shantou China.

    OEM Service and Injection molding service.
    From toy product molding to the final step of toy packing.
    We worked behind in the local supply chain for the factories.

  • Domestic toy trading business


    Supplying toy products to domestic toy buyers in other cities of China : Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing etc. As well as overseas Chinese toy traders from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia etc.

  • The significant year in Local supply chain business


    We have become a mature and important supply chain service provider for local toy factories.

    There was a company who got an order which required a tremendous amount of toy products , the unit price and every single detail were confirmed by the company and its client already, but there was only one question left for him, who could assist him to produce that much amount of toys as the quantity was beyond his own ability, who would offer them a better solution to tackle this problem?

    Local toy companies and factories need this kind of service when they face problems like this, there are still uncountable small-size and medium size factories in Shantou, every factory more or less rely on the supply chain for their business, or you can say that no factory will still survive without the supply chain.

    This is what we call the infrastructure, and this infrastructure is what makes Shantou the capital of toys.

    That company finally came to us and asked for help, we helped them arrange the whole production from molding, injection machines, assembling, skilled workers. That order was smoothly done.

    We are still confident to say, if they didn’t find us, the order may have not been so easy to be done on time.

  • International Quality Standard for OEM products


    We worked with partner companies to help international brands to create their toys. Working behind as backup force.

    We were behind a lot of big projects with many domestic trading companies. It was a great experience for us.

    Because this experience helped us know thoroughly about the international quality standard.

    It did helped us catch up the international quality standard and to become even better than it.

  • Exporting Plastic Injection molds to other countries


    In the year of 2008, we established our first export department for Injection molds.

    It was because there are clients from other countries looking for molds to import to their countries, we knew there was a demand, and it was also because we thought it was a correct time for us to make a change.

    So we decided to have our own export department.

    We exported our molds to the U.S, Indonesia, India, Spain, Bengal etc., since then.

  • The Toy Information Bride: toy trading and sourcing business


    With years of accumulation in the toy industry, Toyslord became an important toy partners for many domestic companies.

    We thought it was time to offer the service to international buyers.

    Toyslord started its international trade business serving the international buyers.

    Offering competitive products and prices.
    Offering a greater perspective of products for international clients.
    Offering technology and knowledge.

    Everything Toyslord does is to make clients have a better buyer-experience.

    And therefore, almost every client of us have better business after in cooperation with us.

    We appreciate it and we are delighted to be a business engine behind every businessmen who wants to expend their toy business.

  • International OEM Service


    10 years ago, it was 2004, we cooperated with domestic companies to provide OEM service for international brands.

    We finally started our own International OEM service department in 2014.

    Providing direct and professional service for international clients.

    It’s a brand new experience for clients.

    We want to make clients feel easy and safe to do their own products.

    And to make them feel: we finally got the most professional one who we have been looking for years to work with.

  • www.JuguetesChinos.com


    We have many Spanish speaking clients. The launch of this new domain name means the importance of our product service to the south America. We aim to be the most trustworthy supplier for the south American clients.


Toy Design

From designing to turning out a real product, every single step is guaranteed by the treasure of our rich experience in manufacturing.


Help producing products of your brand. The International quality standard is forged by our international clients in the past twenty years.


Help getting every product from every factory in Shantou and export to you(With free and professional quality checking service)

Competitive toys

There are uncountable toys in Shantou, we sort out the most competitive toys every month to make sure our product category is consisted of the most competitive toys.

Toy Infomation Center

Connecting thousands of our client/partner factories in Shantou China to provide every toy information for toy importers worldwide. Making toy importing an easy job for them.


ToysLord's professional team are serving and supporting clients with it's most professional knowledge in the toy field as a powerful guardian.

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Toy Catelogue100%
OEM Products100%
Toy Designing100%


Toy Catelogue100%

OEM Products100%

Toy Designing100%





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